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About CabairE

What is CabairE?

CabairE is a literacy aid for Irish that helps you to master Irish spelling. cabaire is Irish for a person that speaks all the time, and this is exactly what CabairE does. CabairE reads out text in Irish - either Donegal, Connemara or Kerry Irish - and highlights each sentence and word as it goes along. In this way it is possible to follow the spoken text word by word (cf. Figure 1.).

Sampla de théacs aibhsithe
Figure 1. Sentences and words are highlighted as they are being read out.

This helps school children and learners of Irish to understand the relation between spelling and pronunciation. You can enter any text you like, change the colors as well as the text size. CabairE also features a variety of fonts including dyslexic fonts. Go to help for a feature overview.

Who's behind CabairE?

CabairE is part of ABAIR "The Irish Language Synthesiser" (www.abair.ie). The ABAIR project is based in the Phonetics and Speech Laboratory at Trinity College Dublin. ABAIR uses the latest technologies to develop synthetic voices for Irish. Synthetic voices can be used in many areas. They can help visually impaired to use computers by reading out what's on the screen, for example. Synthetic speech can also be used in interactive games that help learners to learn a given language in a playful way.

CabairE is funded by An Chomhairle um Oideachas Gaeltachta & Gaelscolaíochta (COGG).